21 Days Happiness Challenge: Day 1

Its day 1 of the 21 Days Happiness Challenge.

Gratitude: (think of three things for which you’re grateful, with a new list each day)

  • I’m grateful to be able to keep warm this winter.
  • I’m grateful there’s rain here everyday while family and friends in Singapore and Malaysia are struggling with heat and no rain for weeks now.
  • I’m alive and I’m well

Journaling: (write one positive thing that happened today to allow your brain to relive it)

My dad and my family are fine, although dad’s still sad not having mom around anymore. Let me see…its been almost 3 months now since she passed. Tough topic to write for now so I’m leaving it up to this point only.

Exercise: (keeps the brain healthier than Sudoku; remember any activity’s better than nothing!)

Meditation: (even a few minutes daily improves focus and compassion for ourselves and each other)

Random acts of kindness: (write one person a quick note with a few encouraging words)


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