21 Days Happiness Challenge: Day 2

Its day 2 of the 21 Days Happiness Challenge.

Gratitude: (think of three things for which you’re grateful, with a new list each day)

  1. That is a photo of very spicy, sardine sambal (blended red chillies) which I’ve been craving for. Today I cooked it and enjoyed it very much with steamed, white rice, even though the major missing ingredient, belacan (shrimp paste) is nowhere to be found in South Africa.
  2. I’m grateful that my best friend got to the clinic on time early this week, to be diagnosed with extreme high blood pressure and gotten medication in good time to be stabilised.
  3. I’m grateful to still be able to enjoy any food I want at this stage in life, as I have no major diet restrictions. Thank God!

Journaling: (write one positive thing that happened today to allow your brain to relive it)

My friend has been complaining of some pains and aches on her left side of the body along with frequent headaches. As if those weren’t enough, lately there’s also rapid twitching under her right eye. I’ve been telling her to visit the doctor and when she complained of the latest twitching I actually gave her a long, hard stare before I fiercely said to her she really needs to see a doctor.

I think this time round we both knew there’s no time to waste and that it has become real and urgent. The very next morning she got herself to the clinic, only to be scolded and treated as an emergency patient by the doctors and nurses there. They told her she could’ve died or blacked out on the road and put herself in more unthinkable dangers. All because her blood pressure reading was very high.

She is safe and under daily medication now to bring her blood pressure under control. Her only complaints are that food is tasteless and she doesn’t feel full from eating soupy, tasteless dishes as fried food is also a no-no for her. I assured her that it is all for her own good and that if she could embrace her new diet, she’ll be better off in no time and saltless food would soon be a thing of the past for her. I’m aware its easier said than done because if salt and fried foods are taken away from me, I don’t know how I would cope. We are experimenting with lemons and vinegar in our recipes as salt substitute. It helps for now.

I pray God would take good care of her and bring her back to good health so she can enjoy food the way she likes again.

Exercise: (keeps the brain healthier than Sudoku; remember any activity’s better than nothing!)

Meditation: (even a few minutes daily improves focus and compassion for ourselves and each other)

Random acts of kindness: (write one person a quick note with a few encouraging words)


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