21 Days Happiness Challenge: Day 3

Gratitude: (think of three things for which you’re grateful, with a new list each day)

  1. One egg in a small bowl, filled half with water, a plate to cover bowl, microwave set to 60 seconds on high and less than 50 seconds later, ka-boom!!!
    It was a failed experiment from a suggested YouTube video and a heavy price to pay. But I survived
  2. My microwave managed to stay intact, although there were tons of cleaning up to be done. However, the interior and exterior of the machine remains in good condition.
  3. If the plate explosion had smashed the microwave door to break open, I’d have gotten some sort of injuries from the broken glasses but I thank God I’m still in one piece. Shaken, but still in one piece.

Journaling: (write one positive thing that happened today to allow your brain to relive it)

Some experiments may work well for others but spell disaster for some. This wasn’t the first time an egg had cause explosion in my microwave but this time by far, it is the worse. I’m seriously done with eggs and microwave and would not attempt further experiments with these.

The first time I got into this accident was when I stupidly took a hard-boiled egg and tried to warm it up inside the microwave. I didn’t puncture any hole in the egg and of course, that explosion was an accident waiting to happen. I later discovered my mistake but refused to warm up any eggs in microwave after that.

This time round, I thought I was in safe hands because I followed the step-by-step video and theirs came out good so mine could never go wrong, right? Errr…NOT! When that explosion took place I was mere inches away from the microwave and soon as I heard the explosion I yelled and still didn’t know what had happened. By the time I realised it was my microwave, I was so shaken I couldn’t move. It took some guts to compose myself and while still trembling with fear, I slowly opened the door of the microwave and saw the damage. The plate covering the bowl with only one egg in it had broken because the egg had exploded. The small bowl must’ve been made with good glass as it was intact. I was very angry (I still am, actually) at myself for believing what I watched, angry at the broken plate, angry at the filthy mess I have to clean and angry for not having anyone to run to at that time. IMG_20140315_164028

Much, much later, I realised that God had saved me from possibly a much worse situation. At least I’m still in one piece, the microwave didn’t explode along with the plate and my house is still standing. I will never forget this incident nor would I ever forget how painfully shaken I was after that. I’m still having some kind of fear that’s still hanging around my mind these days. Every time I have to switch any appliance ON, I picture it exploding right in front of my eyes first and had to stay further from the switch before I click it. There is also another story to tell as far as appliance explosion is concerned but that would be another day. I pray this fear of appliances would not last forever and that I’m only going through some post trauma from the explosion incident. I am keeping this fear in check though, in case I have to see a psychiatrist for it. God forbid!

Exercise: (keeps the brain healthier than Sudoku; remember any activity’s better than nothing!)

Meditation: (even a few minutes daily improves focus and compassion for ourselves and each other)

Random acts of kindness: (write one person a quick note with a few encouraging words)


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Ha ha ha! Sorry to laugh at your “misery” but I am really not. I am laughing at the silly things we sometimes do, not anticipating the possible outcomes. Believe me I’ve done my share of those, too! On the other hand who would’ve thought a hard boiled egg will explode in microwave oven??? A raw one, perhaps, but already boiled one?
    Great funny post. Made me laugh. Thank you for sharing it. 🙂

    1. L says:

      Heeeee…..well I’m not at all upset because there is a funny angle when you think about it. Glad you found it entertaining and apparently you and I both, just now learned about how egg yolks “roll”. 🙂

      1. Yes, exactly! Nice way to put it! 😀

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