Soweto: Museum Visit

Our visit to this famous Soweto Museum (also known as Hector Pieterson Museum) was a long overdue one. We’ve been postponing it because some folks warned us against going there on our own and that Soweto is the most dangerous place to be if not with a tour group or without a local guide, as that’s where the revolution started.

However, we can no longer put it off as we are pressed for time and my days here are numbered. The visit was an eye opener and it stirred all kinds of emotions in me. No cameras were allowed inside and if I could, I would’ve taken pictures of all the images I saw in there to show the pain people go through during apartheid. But let me simply say that I’m glad those days are gone and South Africa is a better place now than it was before.

The above inscriptions can be found on stone benches, displayed outside of the museum. It was sad for me to see so many people suffered for the present generation to have a better life.

This famous, huge photo of Mbuyisa carrying Hector, mounted on one of the walls outside the museum should speak some lengths to you of what the rest of the images inside the museum is like.

Following are photos of the museum and the surrounding.

This is a grocery cum café near the museum. I’m putting this up to show you how well gated (with iron grills) the entire store is. Even the mini fridge with sodas inside cannot be opened unless you paid for your drinks first at the cashier, who sits behind the gate and watches the store’s activity via cameras mounted all over the store. That’s enough proof to me as to how dangerous this place can get.

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