Soweto: Vilakazi Street

This cute sculpture was seen in front of a church during our walk.

After the Soweto Museum, we took a leisure walk to Vilakazi Street. I read and watched some travel documentaries about this street where you can get some interesting souvenirs and meet a famous souvenir vendor here, who has been featured on many of those documentaries.

20140424_131548He’s the only one dressed in Zulu attire at his souvenir stall and even if you think you might have landed in the wrong place he’d reassure you that you’ve found him, with his friendly greeting of “Hello good people! Welcome! Welcome!”.

He welcomed us with a big smile and insisted we took photos with him for free!

Then we were introduced to his handiworks as well as his mom’s and if you think you won’t be needing any of those items he’s selling, you’d probably find something amusing and memorable just for keepsakes. Don’t laugh, but I got me a Soweto “house” and a cute miniature drum.

Further down the street we found some caps that I couldn’t resist buying for folks back in Singapore whose birthday presents are overdue this year.

Once you’re already there, you can’t avoid visiting the Mandela House which is only a short walk down the lane. Stay tuned for more.

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  1. Tanzalongs says:

    Some good options for the Weekly Photo Challenge here 🙂

    1. L says:

      Heeee……yea, you’re right. Thanks!

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